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11 Oct, 2015
Sleep and Memory
One research said, "... sleep contributes to long-term consolidation of new memories." What you learn during the course of the day is organized at night by the brain. Irrelevant information is filtered out and what is relevant or important is retained. So if you do not sleep well, what you have learnt during the day is not stored in the proper wayin your memory. Your knowledge base is fragmented. You will lack the clarity which you would have if you had a good night’s rest. Not getting the full amount of hours of sleep also makes your brain foggy the next morning and you find yourself unable to focus and concentrate.

Improving the Quality of your Sleep

There are some very basic and simple steps you can take to ensure that you sleep well. While it is essential to get the requisite number of hours of rest, it is also essential that you do not toss and turn with restlessness during those sleep hours.

The steps are here:

The first thing you need to do is to cut back on the caffeine laced drinks like coffee. Coffee makes you jumpy and restless and is not something that will help you relax. If you must drink something, then drink warm milk which acts as a soporific.

Put the lights out, draw the curtains, and darken the bedroom. Even the smallest light source is not conducive to sound sleep. Make sure that the computer and T.V. and all other light emitting sources are switched off. Use a mask or cover over your eyes for added darkness.

Make sure that the mattress you sleep on is comfortable and not one of those lumpy kinds. It must also be free of bedbugs and well aired.

Make sure that there are no loud or distracting noises to disturb you. If a neighbor is practicing with his music band all night long, you will definitely be unable to sleep.

Do not eat in the middle of the night. If you still want to eat, make sure it should be very light and protein-based - like a protein powder drink.

You can do some other things as well to help yourself sleep better. Write a journal, read a book or listen to light music, anything that relaxes you or helps you become sleepy. A warm water bath or a hot shower is also helpful.

If you find that you are unable to sleep well most of the time, consult your doctor for you may be suffering from some sleep disorder.

 Try not to take your work, problems and worries to bed. There are enough hours during the day to mull over them. Relax before you sleep and ensure that you make the most of the hours of sleep you get.

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08 Dec 2015

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very nice

21 Dec 2015
very good

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