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11 Oct, 2015
Yoga and Memory

As it is often said that healthy mind resides in a healthy body, it can be rightly said that yoga has the power to keep your body healthy and your mind absolutely calm and relaxed. Since ages, yoga has been known to possess the curative power to heal various forms of diseases. Regular practice of yoga asanas perk up your overall strength including physical and mental offering you endurance and vitality. Let us try to harness its power in the area of memory enhancement as well. It helps develop your level of intelligence and augment your grasping power. Two most important asanas that work in this respect are:

  1. Bhujangasana
  2. Sarvangasana


Consistent practice of Pranayama with Asanas can work miraculously for your mind and your overall health. Three Pranayamas which can be of great value for you from the point of view of memory enhancement are listed below:
  1. Anulom Vilom Pranayam
  2. Brahmari Pranayama
  3. Kapalbharti

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