Anish kumar ( 9th )
This workshop really improved my learning skills. This saves my lot of time. Things/information that I took too long to remember. I can now memories them is just few minutes. These methods really very easy  to understand & apply in my routine. My learning has become very easy.

Prayushi Mathur ( 9th )
It is a nice experience to attend this workshop.

Madhurita Sahoo ( 9th )
The workshop is really good.I just like this workshop and now this will improve my studies.

Priyanshu Sahoo ( 5th )
It was a good workshop to attend and this will help me in improving my study.
Priyal Lather ( 8th )
The workshop is very good. I think the methods were effective. The workshop was good. I give 4.5 out of 5th.

Ritik Gupta ( 10th )
Very good for memory. How to use the memory. Now to concentrate

Shivani Khare ( 8th )
This workshop is very beneficial for all. It helps every person perfoming things without resepcted method of memorising. It helped me getting or achieving now memorising techniques. Thank you for helping me in my problems.

Prashant Kumar ( 9th )
It is really a good thing for any person. This really help to improve our memory,.

Shubhpreet Singh ( 5th )
It is really a good experience, hope it would be beneficial for our children.

Arnav N Sule ( 6th )
My opinion about the workshop is, it's best way of learning methods of memoring.

Jaskirat Singh ( 8th )
My opinion about the workshop is it is very good for children and from this workshop I learned many things. This workshop has maximized mine memory and I want to recommend this workshop for every student preparing for any exm.

Abhay Singh ( 6th )
Thanks for telling me how to learn. You helped me out for my study. Thanks.

Anjali Singh ( 4th )
It is great experience forme. It help me to learn my tables in easy way. I learn my spellings in easy way. I also have mistakes in spellings it help me to learn any thing in my studies.

Karthikey ( 6th )
Now I am very good in memorising the answer so it is best class.

Sochkirat Singh ( 3rd )
Very informative. I was using few of these methods to teach my kids but now. I have got a technique or systemetic approach in a more scientific way really very helpful.

Prachi Singh ( 7th )
As per me this workshop is very effective to achieve goal of our life. This workshop is full of zeal, happiness, fun, etc. Everybody must try this. 

Lehar Soni ( 5th )
Thanks for conducting class.

Natasha Sen ( 6th )
Excellent, Very effective.

Utkarsh Pathak ( 6th )
It is very good and it helps many people in India.

Monika Dhinwa ( 7th )
It's my pleasure to say that, it’s the best workshop I have ever season or joined. And of cource I got a lot of knowledge from it. And I hope it will be at the Ist position in the whole world ever in the life.

Shubham Hartik ( 8th )
Workshop is very nice and sir teaching by student if I so all exercise are doing so my help in health on my body if I studing sir this types so I top my class.

Rakesh Kumar ( Bachelor Degree )
I have very good feelings to workshop.

R Jaya ( 10th )
My opinion about workshop that it gives different idea to keep our memory good. Ti makes help us in many subjects like geography, Biology, Math, etc. It make give Aim success. Thank you workshop classes and also thanks to Sir Krishan Chahal

Ajay Rana ( 9th )
It was a good experience

Arundhuti Das ( 10th )
Its an efficient workshop fore increase and retaining of memory. The workshop is convered well by Krishan Chahal. I we follow it it will definitly in be very helpful and beneficial fore us.

Suraj ( 9th )
It is very good place for learning.

Shubham Dhar ( 10th )
It is effective when we practice work much. I like this method but it will takes to use. From this workshop I have get very improsed to study well and reach my ambition. I am reclaim my knowledge that. I have learnt from here.

Siddharth Dhiman ( 11th Science )
It was a great 3 days with Sir. And a wonderful experience. I got many things to learn.

Suman Thakuria ( Bachelor Degree )
The workshop was very good. It definitely helps me for my competitive exams and future studies.

Bitesh Aggarwal ( 8th )
I think that the workhop is good for all children and we learn now to learn big sentences or letters in less time and by this only we can get more karks in exams and I think that every student have to attend this workshop.

Prerna Aggarwal ( 10th )
The workshop was very good. It really helps us in our exams. My experience was very good by joining the workshop. I am so much benifited by it.

Athul S B ( 5th )
My opinion about the workshop is very good. I learn many things it in workshop just like phonitic method, rhyme method etc also the teacher was very good. He explain all the things and. He was good nature man.

Anjali Chauhan ( Bachelor Degree )
Memory king workshop was very useful to the school student. It improve their skill knowledgement to the future and the system of study their studying style was improve. It was helping in study and other work also for the student and parents also.

Jyoti Rathore ( 10th )
I really like the workshop b coz it help me to improve my memory. I think it will really play an important role in my life. I like the method which was teached by the sir. The trick was also good to improve my memory. To study in a systematic manner.

Javed Hussain ( 5th )
I thought that all students are successful in this methods.

Diya Bhaumick ( 10th )
It motivated me towards the application of new methods, in my daily life study tables. I am very much inspired to study hard & my concentration problem, absent mindness, mind diversion is very much reduced in this duration of three days. I am feeling that my memory power, memorise, techniques are some better now. especially i am experience a new change in my life.

Simran Choudhary ( 10th )
It had a great and very vital role in may life. I am greatly assasinated. It had bought a significant positive change in my life. And I am sure it will help me throught my life.

Monica ( 12th Science )
It is very helpful for all the people easpicially for students. This is very good method to increase our concentration and knowledge and it is also less consuming time.

Vikash Verma ( 10th )
My opinion about the workshop very good.

R Jyoti ( 10th )
My opinion about the workshop is. It is good for the student. This technique si followed by the student then student get the good mark and good memory. It is also good for all means. I get many method for study.

J Naveen ( 10th )
It is effective when we practice very much. I like this methods but it will take to use. From this workshop I have get very inspired to study well and reach my ambition. I can retain my knowledge that I have learnt from here.

R Bhavani ( 12th Science )
Ist and 3rd show was good. It can help the people for their memory. It was really good if we apply it on our practical life. It helps students also very much.

Tapan Kumar ( 8th )
It is outstanding.

Saunam ( B Tech )
It’s a guidline to convert hard work into smart hard works because hard work is not sufficient to get success. Smart Hard Work is needed.

Rahul Roy ( Bachelor Degree )
It's good and very usefull for everyone. But some part is not knowing type. You should are more simple method. Lecture in very good, and you experience also but provide it in sipal manar. Overall I feel very good to being with you and thank's for your experience and last fee... . It's is very expensive overall it's so good nd great and i know it's works.

Sneha Choudhary ( 4th )
Workshop is very intractive and comprehansive. These techniques are very usefull for class 5 to 12th students. This workshop is also usefull for compititive exam preparation as well as in any field of life. It's never late to follow all the tips. workshop was very well organised.

Namaratha Thapa ( 7th )
My opinion about the workshop is good to make our memory sharp.

Inderjeet ( Master degree )
I condidly say that this workshop will definitely help out in the proess that if we are trying to remember the things for a long time. It is really attractive and useful for the aspirouts who are prepasing for the civil services. At last really amazing and we can learn the things in fun and best possible way to lear the things with in limited time.

Dipesh Saxena ( 7th )
A workshop is a very good source of learning fast and maintain it very long.

Nabanita Talukdar ( 6th )
It's a very very good workshop. And I get a lot of knowledge from it.

Archita Raushan ( 8th )
It is a very good way through which we can memorise MCQ SA and LA type answer. I am happy to join the workshop. 

KH Irabanta ( 7th )
I enjoy all that three days that I spent in this workshop. We learn lots of method to improve our concentration and all that related to memory. And, one of the best thing that I understand is the daily routine workshop.

KH Drashini ( 10th )
I enjoy all that three days that I spent in this workshop. We learn lots of method to improve our concentration and all that related to memory. And, one of the best thing that I understand is to improve my daily routine works. Also, all that small-small things related to our study habits.

Tanvi Pandey ( 5th )
My opinion about the workshop is very good. We learn many thing from workshop. How fast learn the things. It is very useful in my life.

L Aishwarya ( 9th )
It assisted me in improving my know memory power and concerntration a lot. It also made my studies much eassier than, before. Also it introduced me a lot of methods, techniques, tricks to memorize tough and difficult equations and theories. Now memory mirchi made my Memory Chilly and Hot. 

Sourish Sarkar ( 6th )
I am very happy to join the workshop because it will help me in present and in future life and now I study.

Peenaz Hussain ( 6th )
I thought that the workshop will help me in memorizing the answers related to my subjects. This workshop also offers many things. It is a very good workshop, and I will get a lot of knowledge from it.

Rushali Tripathi ( 6th )
The workshop is very usefull. Its eassy method to study.

Virender Rathore ( 5th )
I am very happy with this workshop. I learn so many things vegating. How to memorise the things related with study. I feel very good that I get change your workshop in this age and I am very stisfy with your workshop.

Sidhant Das ( 10th )
The workshop is are nice and I am sure that it will be very effective for one.

Nikita Das ( 5th )
The workshop is so nice. I am sure that it will be very helpful in my future life.

Krishna Das ( Bachelor Degree )
The workshop is so nice. I am thankful that & attend this workshop and I am some that in coming days it give me so much help.

Nikumoni Kalita ( 4th )
Very good we learn many memorising theory from this workshop.

Sri Nepam Kalist ( 8th )
Very good learn many memoring theoryfrom workshop.

Vansh Parashar ( 4th )
I has learn many things at the workshop.

Naomi M Rose ( 5th )
Interesting workshop.

Kalpana Sagar ( 7th )
Wokrshop is very useful continue it.

Joy Bassy ( 4th )
This is a interesting workshop which has taught me a lot of new tricks and methods to increase my memory power. The mnemonice notes are quite and provide us with emmense knowledge.

Pravin Kumar ( Bachelor Degree )
It is very useful for student. I am also student I am student of BSC Part-III. I want to attend workshop again which it happen in allahabd.
Prashant Kumar ( 7th )
Workshop is very good show. I attend every year and force to my brother to attend.

Diksha Yadav ( 8th )
It is very good. It is make my study very easy. With the help of this workshop now I can fill consentrate in my shedy. This workshop is very good, if is very valuable and it helps the student and others also 

Shrishti Yadav ( 7th )
This workshop is very useful for the students and also for the those student who are doing some other services also dev to the workshop now. I can easly teach my child with enjoying.

Ashutosh Kumar ( 10th )
Workshop for learning memory methods was very excellent. In which students can learn different methods, by which we can save time. As time is a very important factor for studying. Methods of learning long theory are good.

Animesh Kumar Singh ( 6th )
It think workshop is good place, there we learn how to memorise and they suggest as how to start a good day.

Anisha S ( 5th )
It is very good. I like it very much. It will help me in studies. It will help to all subject. I am very happy with the workshop.

Kripa Chaudhary ( 5th )

Ayesha Bassy ( 10th )
This is a very interesting workshop which has taught me a lot of new tricks and methods to increase my memory power. The mnemonise notes are quite useful and provide us with emmense knowledge.

Annie Susan ( 10th )
It is quite informative and was an eye-opener. It gave us an opportunity to analys our study methods and imporve them. I am really thankful to our sir for showing us the right way.

Mukta Singh ( 8th )
Helpful. Easy to understand. 

Himanshu Kumar ( 9th )
I attend the workshop first time. I like the workshop I like the style of they tell us.

Devansh Katheria ( 7th )
Its very good to particpate. It will improve my performance in exams and classes.

A V Shivasurya ( 7th )
Giving good and useful knowledge but the timing is a problem. 

Aman Bhardwaj ( 7th )
The workshop is very helpful to today's student. It clears many doubts or abignitier. It helps in solving many day to day problem also.

Prabhu Vadolkar ( 6th )
Very good. Little Hectic. Less time to understanding. Very intereting.

Ashima Bhardwaj ( 11th Commerce )
Workshop was very interesting and motivating. It inculcate the unknown information in our mind. Given so many methods for fwent memorising.

Pawan Kumar ( Master degree )
Workshop is good & helpful to build memory as well as personality.

Dishyant Sharma ( 12th Science )
Nice and Awesome one very interesting and helps us teach us memory methods just like a student of over age only.

Shivam Kumar ( 8th )
Very useful for the students.

Akash Kumar ( 9th )
I think it is very good workshop for students as well as for parents. It helps us for learning different things in such a reatin method.

Vartul ( 8th )
The methods & tricks are very useful in our daily life.

Gyande Mohanta ( 5th )
Very good.

Asmita Sharma ( 10th )
A very nice experience through attending this workshop. A positive feeling after joining the workshop. Topics were clearly explained and methods were very effective.

Swati ( 6th )
Workshop is very informative. Feeling like kinesthesla.

Mayanka Jha ( 10th )
Interesting, creative and informative. The feature is very good and very helpful. Now I can use the creative ideas and learn anything easily.

Shambhavi ( 8th )
It is very good workshop. And also it very successful in our life. In this we know how to learn everything there are so many method to remver every thing. Is it small nos or is it very big no, it is very easy to remember.

Sushmit ( 4th )
It is fantestic.

Yashita Raghav ( 6th )
Its really good. Keep it up.

Viajy P Singh ( 7th )
The workshop was nice, as use learner many ways to improve memory and good way of teaching helped in learning. I was happy with workshop.

Shruti ( 4th )
Very useful for learning big answer and memorising things which has already past.

Devraj Narwar ( 7th )
Its very good and must for students.

Mohammed Sinan ( 6th )
The workshop was very good.

Nisamuddin ( B Tech )
Interesting and valuable.

Ayush Kumar ( 5th )
Workshop is well but I can't art four hours properly.

Soumik Pati ( 6th )
The workshop is very excellent. It will help me a lot in memorising my lesson and it is a very easy method for learning lesson. I hop I can make prospect in my studies.

Simli Chaterjee ( 7th )
The workshop was fantasitcs. Really the workshop was awsome.

Prasanjeet ( 6th )
I am study in class 6th and learn many thing in this workshop.

Shilpa Choudhary ( 8th )
It was very nice and good. We have learned a lot. The explanation was very nice and perfect. By this we really able to increase our memory.

Dinesh Choudhary ( 6th )
It was very nice and good. We have learned a lot from it. By this we can increase our memory very well.

Angad Bawa ( 8th )
It was very informative. I'll try and use it in my daily routine. The art of memorising speech was very interesting.

Shashank Tiwari ( 11th Science )
Workshop is very good. Mr. Chahal has entertained us and told us about many excellent methods now we can memorise anything and also for long time.

Shivendra Singh ( 12th Commerce )
I'am very satisfied with this workshop. It will really help me to improve my memory & also help in study & playing cricket.

Ankit Chauhan ( 9th )
It was amazing experience in participating in workshop. I will never forgot this workshop.

Garima Chauhan ( 4th )
I am very happy for participating in workshop it was excellent enjoyed very much there.

Shivam Kumar ( 10th )
Methods that are shared in this workshop are very unique. Now I am able to improve my subjects & other things by inplementing these methods. It is a new & advanced technique. Mr. Krishna Chahal is a very genious man & I like to join this workshop & I am satisfied by the methods taught by him.

Shreya Bajpai ( 10th )
It is very good for students.

Shrish Bajpal ( 7th )
It is very best for  students. Thankyou

Jaha Lehra ( 7th )
My opinion about the workshop is that is was very useful is also very useful good explaination by Sir Krishan Chahal it is useful for small children now I can help my sister in her work or memorising and using. I am realy really very thankful to sir I would memorised him through out my life. 

Rumi Lal ( 12th Science )
In my opinion "Wokrshop" is a gift for me & all the students. I really thankful to Mr. Krishan Chahal & their whole team. I am very glad to attend this workshop. Thank you so much what ever techniques you give it to me.

Subheli ( 10th )
This workshop is very helpful. It helped me in social studies manily I also other subject. It also helped me in my concentration in studies. It was a pleasant experience. Nice presentation.

Subhrajit Das ( 10th )
It was a very pleasant and charming experience for me. All the teachniques are very useful for me. It will be very beneficial for me in my all tests./

Aditya Raj ( 9th )
I fell great pleasure after joining this workshop. It is a good idea to make student's faster for solving many problem,.

Swati Tanwar ( 8th )
It is very interesting and it has many tricks and good ideas for learning some methods, long answers. It helped me much to learn many theory.

Anmol Kumar ( 9th )
Workshop was excellent and we gained very much knowledge from this workshop. Thanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Ritu Nandal ( Master degree )
It's good and it is improtant to everyone. I think if it gives every children at proper time it helps them to improve their states of learning and help them to achieve their desired Aims. In short I want to say, "Workshop is a Key of Success" Thank you.

Adarsh Singh ( 10th )
Methods of your memory mirchi are excellent. It is very helpful in improving memory. It was my pleaseure to meet Mr. Krishan Chahal. It was nice to learn different methods to improve memory. Thank you for giving all this.

Pankaj Mathur ( 11th Science )
Helps in each and every aspect of day to day life. Awesome teaching by Mr. Chahal

Shivangi Tanwar ( 8th )
I think the workshop was a worth. It was educating as well as interesting. It was very enjoying and I could learn history dates very easily. It gave me a big colgate smile.

Vaishali Sharma ( 12th Science )
It's good, it gave the few very good ways to memorise theories, formula's literature. It would be very helpful for my exam prepartion & in future also felt quite good, it gave me confidence so that can quickly improve my memory. Thank you

Saksham Tripathi ( 5th )
I enjoyed the workhop. It is very good for student.

Pranjal Tripathi ( 10th )
The workshop is very good, this is one of the best experience of my life. All the techniques for study are very good.

Abhishek Daod ( 9th )
A very good opinion in the workshop. I learn have very easy method to learn answers, no etc.

Ridhee Kumari ( 6th )
I am very happy to join it. It was my best experince by you sir I learn very much from you sir

Manish Kumar ( 8th )
This workshop is very very good. I like all the things in this workshop. Mr. Krishan Chahal Explain all the Points very smartly and he solves the questions of students.

Spreha Taliyan ( 6th )
I think this workshop was a worth. It was a educating workshop. From the first day I had observed many changes in myself so it was a good place for me to improve My Memory 

Bibek Das ( 5th )
I am feeling very good after getting all these techniques. It will help me in my exams a lot.

Baishali Das ( 12th Science )
It's overall very good. Feeling very good after getting all these techniques to memorise all these theories, formulas, derivations, tables etc. It will help me a lot in future also.

Pradeep Yadav ( 8th )
The workshop has great specified techniques which are very useful for the students. If you are a topper then also it has great meanings. I have learned how to memorise maps.

Sparsh ( 6th )
Memory Mirchi workshop is very good or memorising. There lots of techniques to memorise that Krishan Sir told to do and really I get great benefit of this.

Apurva Tripathi ( 8th )
It is very useful to each and every person of all ages. It is also very interesting.

Shreya Pandey ( 8th )
This workshop help me to get my confidence. I am now feeling that I can become a doctor.

Navneet Kumar Singh ( 8th )
Overall improvement from the healthy body to a healthy mind. A lesson for one is fullfill the dream by adopting the guide times positively.

Shivangi Jha ( 9th )
This workshop is really very helpful. It will really help us to improve in our studies. It gave me the idea how to improve myself in different subject. It will really help me in my future. It is wonderful. 

Priya Singh ( 12th Science )
Its realy very good. Its felling easy to understand the difficult subjects. Now we can start developing our interest in boring and difficult subjects. This workshop made our studies easy learn we can clear our doubts separately.

Simon Singh ( 8th )
It is very good and interesting. And helpful also. It help me very much, for many idea or to learn and memorise our map, theory, table etc.

Sparsh Kumar Tiwari ( 7th )
I am very satisfied with this workshop because in this workshop the teaching method is so good. In this workshop will can memorise so fast.

Mukul Choudhary ( 12th Science )
Benefits through this workshop I have feel a great change in me, my confidence level increase my capacity to memorise thing also increase, it also motivate me toward my Aim in my life also improve my learning skills. Through this workshop I got a chance to got knowledge from such a genius person so thanks to Dear Krishan Chahal Sir.

Mohita ( Bachelor Degree )
All these methods are very effective and helpful in learning the things. When I join this workshop I really know how to improve the memory power of my brain. Lots of exercise which are told by sir are really benefits for our health and brain system.

Bhavneet Singh Ahuja ( 12th Science )
Boild my confidence level. Understand myself. Sure to dream big. Guideness for my whole life.

Saloni Dwari ( 6th )
Its outstanding I found it very informative. Now I am feeling more easy to do those works which I thought I would never do it and I did not read it ever. I have no words to say.

Shreya Parashar ( 9th )
It was good. I find this workshop very helpful. I hope I will score good marks in my exam.

Smruti Sudha Behera ( 4th )
Very Nice. To learn many things about brain.

Narendra Kumar ( 10th )
It may being redicat change in any one's life.

Mariya Begum ( 6th )
It was a great experience attending this workshop. The memory technique were really useful I like it a lot.

Debankur Baruah ( 12th Science )
The best thing about this workshop is that it teaches us to think. Positive, imaginative thinking everything goes with it and it mattered to me a lot.

Antora Bhuyan ( 5th )
It is very pleasing experience for me. Now start thinking the whole things in a very positive way. It increase my confidence. Now I think I can definitely do better in exams and in solving any problem that stands in my way.

Saumyadeep Acharya ( 6th )
I learned many things and it helped me to study I learned the formulas.

Abhijit Choudhary ( 8th )
There are many benefits from workshop. Through workshop we can learn many things through which we can save the time. And in workshop we enjoy. 

Gulapson Hembrom ( 12th Science )
Really it was good opportunity to join this workhop. I could learn many new techniques, ideas, etc which is applicable for our daily life. I got new ideas how to study and remember things of day to day life and at the end I would like to thank memory mirchi network and sir Krishan Chahal.

Kritashi Sukanya ( 12th Science )
It was awesome and had given me great pleasure and happiness attending this workshop. I have read many books memory based but experiencing in practical gave me much confidence 

Pankhipoli Nath ( 8th )
I have got many benefit from the workshop. It helps us to remember many things from the different ways he teach us. I also think that it has many useful in life.

Mansmit Kalita ( 10th )
Before attending this workshop, I only dreamed of becoming an engineer. After attending and learning from the workshop. I now know that I have grown up confidence and I will succed in life. 

Ashutosh Upadhyay ( 6th )
Very helpful in memorising the larger numbers, theory will be very helpful in exams.

Kamana ( 11th Science )
I'am really benefited from this workshop. I really liked this workshop. Good work sir thankyou

Ashish Kumar ( 10th )
It helps us to improve our concentration and helps to be in present. For students it helps them to study well and get more work in their examination workshop is really very intresting.

Manu ( 10th )
Confidence and concentration level increased

Rohit Bansal ( 7th )
Save of time. Good Result.

Dipansha Bansal ( 9th )
We can easily learn equations, long answer, numbers, tables etc. with easy tricks. Can easily concentrate on our work and studies.

Sarita Kumari ( 9th )
It's very useful for students and for everyone. We can learn improtant dates and numbers from this workshop. We learn many things like to controll mind and many more.

Akash Verma ( 10th )
It was very good workshop. I was not able to memorise the long answer formulas, similarity differenciation and trignometry ratio. But I can easily memorise the formulas, answers and many more. Thankyou for this workshop organised by memory mirchi.

Prabhu Deo Ojha ( 10th )
Very helpful in memorising the larger numbers, theory will be very helpful in exams.

Indra Deo Ojha ( 7th )
This is very helpful to me in rememboring very difficult things. By this I can remember anything for more time. By this I can remember all things that I want whenever I want. And I can improve my grades by this.

Aishwarya Ila ( 8th )
Easy way to memorising lot of information. Time saving. Easy to practice

Muskan Singh ( 5th )
Time management. Innovative. Easy to learn difficult things. 

Sadashiv Raj Bhardwaj ( 11th Science )
Very nice, informatives enjoyable, innovative. The book was very nice and informative.

Keshav Raj ( 9th )
It was very benificial. It has improved my memory power. It would help me in memorising more information for a longer time. I have the belief that using this techniques. I can improve in studies. 

A Vikash ( 9th )
Before I had stage fear and I would forget every things in few days. After coming to Memory Mirchi wrokshop. I am able to remember many things Mr. Krishan chahal tricks are good. He teach us very well. The workshop is great, so now I say "I can also do many things and get a good mark in my exam.

Gourav Rawal ( 6th )
I learned how to memorise a thing by SMS Bollywood method etc it was so much intresting before this I have never thought that I can learn so many digits in 60 seconds. I liked the teaching of sir the most with fun and seriousness.

S Sujay Kumar ( 9th )
It is very funny and it is related to our studies and many other things and it is easy to remember tables, long numbers, square roots, cube roots, history dates, meanings and etc. We can now control our mind totally in our hands.

Jyoti Singh ( Bachelor Degree )
Now I feel that, I can do anything. Now I thank for you.

Rahul Rajora ( B Tech )
Learned now to control my mind. Techniques were really good. Imaginative thinking.

Priyanka Attri ( 9th )
It's very use full to use (student). We can learn to control your mind. And also to learn the tips for long number, long theory etc. And these three days with u was very nice.

Ankit Kumar ( 9th )
I can memorise thing very clear. Specially atomic no, biology concept, maths formulae.

Anjali Saini ( 9th )
Can concentrate on work.

Abhinav Shandilya ( 10th )
I think I have learnt much more about using different memory techniques and the most improtant is how to control our mind and be alert and stay in present. These are the most inspiring topics that I have learnt.

Ankit Agarwal ( 8th )
Enchanced memory. Its now easy to remembers maps, history etc. Learnt diff techniques to memorise faster. Improve concentration.

R Swathi ( 6th )
I improved my mother, English, country and their capital book & their author, country & language. I enjoyed the workshop.

Khushi ( 3rd )
Able to manage time. More concentration in studies.

Ankit Malik ( 10th )
Easy to learn long answers. Able to concentrate on studies. Able to complete any given task in specific time. Able to distribute time.

Shubhobroto Mandal ( 8th )
Being a student of 8th standard, I often had problems in remembering formulas, history dates and many such more. After attending the workshop, I found it very easy to remember many of the dates. It was also very easy for me to remember the long answers. So, thanks to memory king workshop.

Mrinal Tomar ( 8th )
Not only improving memory, but also knowing about learn, mind, memory and many more things.

Kamakshi Tomar ( Bachelor Degree )
Its very beneficial in my studies, especacy in theory. Methods for increasing our concentration and minding our mind are very useful. They helps in changing our personality.

Shipra Shukla ( 9th )
After attending workshop I think remembering will be easy and I will score nice marks. It makes everything easy to learn. It makes study interesting and a fun. Its very useful for all of us.

Anitya Khanrah ( 6th )
Very nice, improved, enjoyble, inonovative, expectionally good. I have learnt good things from this the book is very useful for the children.

Rahul Kundu ( 9th )
Now I am able to remember long question's answer I am able to learn more history dates.

Mukul ( 9th )
One student spend almost all the time memorising things related to syllabus but after the methods told in the W.S. its almost 1/5th of the time involved. All saw a list as a monster but now I see it as a gift. It is very easy to memorise any type of information. Now I can even concentrate very easily and more effictively. It's just Incredible.

Kaustubh K Dawale ( 8th )
Improves more memory space. Teaches good methods for studing, memorising etc.

Shefali Bisht ( 8th )
Workshop is really nice. I learnt many useful things. And I also learn now to memorise easily.

V Amudhint ( 5th )
It's very easy to memorise any thing. Its very useful for anything. For counting life for memorising recerations, poems, stories formulas.

Kaarika Das ( 11th Science )
Had a great experience throughout the workshop. Learnt a good deal about using my mind power. The phonetic method was superb too. I realised the capacity of my imagination and the impart which it had on my mind. Further the workshop was successful in keeping us engrosed all throughout. fir, you are a great teacher/P.S. Really liked your sense of humour. i doubt if any suggetion is actualy required as the workshop is really good. But then more examples from real life situations come be asked to apply the methods (quite time conusming.....) in the workshop they, to make sure that they have been following. Would love to have another workshop during our summer holidays.

Raajika Das ( 5th )
This workshop has helped me in many things like theory,drawings etc and even this workshop will help me in life to study well I have been enjoyed this workshop very very much.

Jyotishmoi Phukan ( 10th )
I really enjoyed this memory workshop.I believe in my self that I civil become the most genius.I am confident that from day to day I would put the methods into pratice.I will surely achieve my goal. As I am in 10th standard I am sure enough that by applying these methods,I would bring 90% grades.I am always thankful to god for sending such a person in my life.

Rohit KR Jaishy ( 4th )
From the workshop. I can memories many things from workshop eg study tips,large number,defination of mind and memory.

Kamalika Phukan ( 6th )
I am very happy by attending the workshop. First I was not confident about any aim but I am 100% confidient about my aim and I will come a perfect doctor and this is because of workshop thanks.

Hirok Jyoti Bhardwaj ( 7th )
The methods thought are very helpful for the final exam. They help and makes big imfromation easy to learn. It makes learning playful and exiciting. The method were very easy to born.

Ankur Bharali ( 5th )
We have from many methods of learning. By using these methods use can achieve our ambition. Thankyou you memory Mirchi for coming to Digboi and teach the method. I really enjoy it.

Ankita Thakuria ( 7th )
Due to the memory workshop, I think I will be able to we successful in my life I have learnt many methods which will furthe be helpful for us in the future. I have learnt to memorize anything and now I don't ful any difficult to memorize any theory.

Sagnik Sharma ( 6th )
We can memories long list, thorse numbers by single reading we can improve our imagination and learning.

Sanmarg Borkakot ( 4th )
I got help from memoryking workshop. Know my memory had become more sharper than before. I fell like memory king. I had enjoy my days in memoryking workshop. I had a great day and good times.

Subhojoy Dey ( 9th )
This workshop "Memory Mirchi" has informed my memory. Before this workshop I used to hate the subject Biology and Social Science but now I can used different methods to remember my notes of S.S, drawing of Biology and also the maps of geography. I think its awesome.

Pritish Sutradhar ( 8th )
After getting some important points of memory I used it in my daily routine and got success of memory and also easy to memory more text part from past and also got more confidence.

Bhim Sen ( 12th Arts )
It will be helpful is my profession.
Damanjot Kaur ( 5th )
It was V.V. good experience. I will try to improve it we thank you.
Jasmeet kaur ( 12th Science )
It will be really helpful in my further studies and my whole life as well. This workshop is too good. It was a great experience. I have learnt a lot keep up good spirit thank you.

Surmeet singh ( 7th )
I have learn very much from workshop I am very thankfull from Krishan Chahal.

Kabir Bansal ( 7th )
I have no words to thank this workshop. Best workshop I ever attanded.
Josh Singh Dillon ( 4th )
The benefit is I could learn difficult words.

Rahul Dalwar ( 11th Science )
This workshop is really helpful for the students learning with a easy approch and in a short time. With the help of these workshop method now we (students) can have time to look after our health even. A lot of thanks to this workshop for easy learning and studing and to remember the things for a long period thank you.

Sangeeta Zakhmi ( 12th Commerce )
Come to know many methods of learning.

Manav Zakhmi ( 8th )
It got many benefits from the workshop like to be good in studies. I am very thankful to you sir that your give on more your intelligence to us. I was very weak things which I got from you & very confused to give the answer when asked to me, so this has helped me very much. i would like you to orgnize on their workshop.

Vidula Khanna ( B Tech )
From this workshop, I can memorize vocabulary very lasily and also it can improved my concenturation power, oetention in near futures i.e. is my mother studing.

S C Khanna ( 10th )
It has improved my understanding though I am got I am surprised that many things I cam to know now.
Kashish Mehta ( 10th )
This workshop was very beneficial for me, now I am confident enough to score a lot more better than before. The study tiks and memorsing methods are really too good.

Abhinav Mehta ( 11th Science )
Got to know hew to study. Method told here are realy benifical if ew start using in daily soutine. Actually study loohs so easy. And got the way how to consontsate very imporant in every filed of life. The experience was awesome. 

Charanpreet Singh ( B Tech )
Very Good Workshop.
Simarpreet Singh ( 11th Science )
Very much benefitial, it has help me in my studies.
Javin Madan ( 12th Arts )
I hope, it will improve my memory. Methods are very simple Numbers exertion on brain.
Chahat ( 10th )
This workshop is really great. It made me lone are my subjecs. It taught many new, interesting methods to. It changed my angle of thinking.

Mudit Sharma ( 5th )
Now, I can learn my syllabus easily.
Mayank Korpaul ( 12th Science )
Opened a new dimension & door of mind to learn more & more. Now I can learn more formulas & excel.

Rakesh Korpaul ( 12th Arts )
Opened a new dimension of memory to learn more & effectively.

Balwinder Kaur ( Bachelor Degree )
Opened a new dimension to mind and to learn more easily and faster than before.

Rajwinder Kaur ( Bachelor Degree )
By attending this workshop, I find change to do my studies and get new methods or ways to study.

Tejasvi Sharma ( 8th )
We can revise our syllabus well now including long question and periodic tables etc. Also I am the topper of class with using these methods.

Rani Sharma ( Bachelor Degree )
Makes the study more enjoyable through symbolic language. Learns the method to use our valuable time by consuming minimum time to maximize the response. Most Importantly it is best technique to destress the students.

Udit Sharma ( 12th Science )
Kusum Garg ( Bachelor Degree )
It is a great pleasure for me and my children with the help of this workshop. I can improve my children as well as my nears & dears.

Seema Bagoriya ( Bachelor Degree )
The work shop was very good and amazing. It was really wonderful for me. Sir is not only frank but also he is helpful. I haven’t ever seen this type of workshop to which I can relate.
Amit Wadhwani ( Master degree )
This workshop was very good. The methods, that were used, are very scientific & it is a right approach but these methods need practice.
Ruchi Saini ( B Tech )
My opinion is that I have learned various methods from this workshop and it is very important keeping in view of entrance test like, CAT, CA, PM Tec. Sir is very comparative.
Sanjay Agarwal ( B Tech )
It was interesting, enjoyable and very cheerful. I got answers to my questions to large intents. The way of teaching and techniques were appreciable and enjoyable.
Indrajit Chakrabarty ( IIT Kanpur )
Really good, I have learned excellent tricks to increase my memory. Thanking you.
Rohit Maheshwari ( IIT Kanpur )
Program was very good. I am preparing for IAS. It will be very helpful for me.
Ashutosh Tripathi ( B Tech )
Good and at great extent helpful tools for memorizing with a good pace. It would be worth if it is applied in our course of engineering! Thanks.
Rahul Singh ( IIT Kanpur )
It was really wonderful, highly enlightening programme. I am sure I will need it more as I use it. I would be thankful to Sir if he is in touch for further assistances as well.
Abhishek Malik ( IIT Kanpur )
This is an excellent programme which everyone should do at least once in a life to make their life much simpler.
Nand Kumar ( IIT Kanpur )
This program is very-very helpful for me. It gives me new idea for memorizing and thinking. It must be taught in every institute.
Shubham Sharma ( B Tech )
It was very nice for our future. And I like it a lot. So, thank you Sir.
Jitendra Kumar Yadav ( IIT Kanpur )
It can not be expressed in words. It’s overwhelming.
Prateek Singh ( 12th Science )
The whole session was really very encouraging for me as it helped me to improve my memory power & make it stronger.
Abhishek Chouhan ( 12th Arts )
My expectation from the memory master was to make me at least 10 per cent of him but he did more than that. I really impressed with his personality.
Shipra Jain ( 12th Science )
This class is really very effective and I am seeing a great effect in my studies. I am fully satisfied with this class.
Akshat Kulshrestha ( 12th Science )
I’m highly impressed & grateful to your course. Now, I feel that I can compete with a better efficiency in PMT.
Divya Gupta ( 12th Science )
The memory class is really benefited for students, who are preparing for competitive exams. Thus I am thankful to Mr. Chahal, who is doing a wonderful work.
Tushar Khadelwal ( 11th Science )
Amazing techniques and excellent presentation has made my learning fun and easy to work with.
Ashutosh Gupta ( 11th Science )
I think this type of education is best. My mind becomes refreshed after using my creative corner under the guidance of our Sir. I think I can do better now. I could memorize tough sentences, numbers, square roots etc with cases.
Parul Khatter ( 11th Arts )
My memory power has increased. This class is really so effective and I am seeing a great effect in my studies. Techniques are very good for memorizing
Princy Raheja ( 11th Commerce )
According to me this class is very important for everybody. It is helping me in my studies. I am perfectly satisfied with this program.
Nirmit Jauhry ( 10th )
This class is so effective that I can memorize many things like At. No., Mass No., things, formulas on my tip.
Sonal Gupta ( 10th )
The main thing about this whole program is that it includes everything not a single aspect has been left untouched. It’s not only enhances our memory but also increases our willingness to study & know more, as now everything is just so easy.
Vaibhav Lodha ( 9th )
This program is very good. This program is especially for the student of all classes and for their bright future.
Abhishek Singh ( 8th )
It is the best course I have attended ever, from this course my concentration power increased extensively.
Mehak Gupta ( 7th )
The techniques provided by Mr. Chahal was very interesting to improve memory very well. The examination tips, time-management and study plan are how easy to handle.
Sparsh Khandelwal ( 7th )
A daring class with amazing techniques and was the best style of teaching students. It makes us keep happy.
Rishab Chajjer ( 6th )
After joining this class I am seeing changes in me. The techniques I learnt to improve the memory-power, speed-reading, concentrate in the studies were amazing.
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