Art of Memorising
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Key Features :
*Encyclopedia on memory improvement.
*Contents are specially designed for Indian students.
*Useful for students of all stream, people who are preparing for competitive exams and for memory improvement in day to day life activities.

Author:    Krishan Chahal (Memory King- Guinness World Record Holder in memory)
:  Mirchi Networks Pvt. Ltd.
:  English
Number of pages
:  352
: 24 x 18.5 x 2 cm

Memorising is an art and we have to learn this art in the same way like we have learn other arts. We always wished our brain could work like a computer, which can retain whatever information we ever entered in. Now this wish is an attainable possibility. This book is about Mnemonics – the Art of Memorizing. With a little effort, we can all make full use of this art to memorise anything like long theories, formulas, numbers, names & faces or whatever you need to memorise in your academic and professional life. This book will guide you step by step to develop an astonishing memory to achieve success in your life.